The best hair straighteners with tourmaline plates

1.Rowenta SF
Nippers for [hair straightening] have 11 modes of operation, maximum heating up to 230 ° C. The instrument plates have a durable, durable coating and are ready to work in a matter of seconds after switching on. The iron is provided with a display and an indication. A long, revolving cord and hanging loop create additional convenience for use.

The main advantages:
rapid heating;
long plates 90 mm;
locking buttons;
excellent plate closing, no gap;
indication of activation, readiness for operation, heating level;
LCD display;
rounded tips - curling is possible;
11 operating modes;
there is no deposit from the styling agents;
auto power off after 1 hour;
Strong long cord 2.1 m.


2.Philips HP8344
The best for maximum heating power is the iron for home use. The device is heated literally in 15-20 seconds, it cools down no less rapidly. The ionization function gives a powerful antistatic effect. The settings buttons are locked so that they can not be accidentally touched while the iron is working.

The main advantages:
affordable price;
locking buttons;
temperature control;
ionization effect;
quickly heats up and cools;
You can do a wave;
in a storage case.


3.Remington S8700
The rectifier of the American company Remington is equipped with a built-in sensor to protect against overheating during hair straightening. Thanks to him, the iron adjusts the temperature and protects the hair from burning. Warms up in just 15 seconds. Thanks to HydraCare's innovative moisturizing technology, you can make a professional hairstyle at a lower temperature - 170 ° C is enough. To create a cold steam before straightening, you need to fill a small tank with water. Steam will moisturize the hair and provide protection against overheating. A set of settings and a clear digital display will allow you to select the appropriate styling mode. Improved ceramic plates give shine. The tips of the plates are round, so with this ironing you can make curls. The device is packed in a beautiful heat-resistant clutch with velcro.

The main advantages:
Thermo-protective bag (it's a mat) in the kit;
5 temperature modes, 150-230 ° C, with memory function;
convenient buttons, you do not accidentally press;
hydration function HydraCare;
ionization function;
Auto-off function (after 1 hour) and protection against overheating;
a rotating wire of 1.8 m;
elongated floating ceramic plates of ceramics;
the possibility of locking the ironing in the closed position.

a decent price;
rubber cap of the water tank opens with difficulty, there is a risk to tear.

4.L'Oreal Professionnel Steampod
L'Oreal Steampod is a pair of tongs that are attached to the water tank with a cord. One of the ironing plates is equipped with a thin comb and holes, through which steam is fed on the strand. This system allows you to maintain the natural hydrolipid balance of hair and give them a perfect smoothness. Steam makes the hair more malleable and helps to take the desired shape faster. One of the leading colorists of Russia, Alex Contier stated that the difference between smoothing the curls with Steampod and with the usual iron is the same as when ironing with steam iron and without - obviously, which one will smoothen more effectively.

Using the rectifier, you need to move in the direction of the arrows drawn on its plates. To fill the tank you need bottled water.

The main advantages:
several temperature regimes;
floating ceramic plates;
removable ultrathin comb;
the alignment effect lasts up to 72 hours;
Straightening under steam does not harm locks;
The iron gives a flowing shine to the hair.

very high cost;
the set is rather bulky;
not suitable for short hair.

5.Polaris PHS 2405K
Tongs with ceramic nozzles for hair straightening have 5 modes of operation. A long, revolving around its axis cord, indication of the inclusion, readiness for work make this ironing very convenient. You can easily straighten your hair or make curls.

The main advantages:
rapid heating;
elongated floating plates;
the perm is permissible;
5 modes, 140-160-180-200-220 ° C;
indication of heating and readiness for operation;
there is a loop for hanging.

no display.

6.VITEK VT-2307
A narrow and light (only 600 g) VITEK iron comfortably fits in the arm, it even straightens out thick, thick and naughty hair, and the price is affordable for everyone. Model VT-2307 is equipped with elongated floating ceramic plates, which warm up in 60 seconds and smoothly open.

The main advantages:
9 heating modes;
protection against overheating PTC Heating;
long twisting cord 1.8 m;
floating elongated plates;
hinge for hanging to the wall.

There are no additional functions and attachments.

7.Panasonic EH-HV20
Continues our rating of the best hair straighteners simple inexpensive ironing 2-in-1 from a well-known manufacturer with intuitive control and very long plates. Straightens hair quickly and evenly. Do not tighten strongly, the plates themselves slide along the strands. Rounded tips allow you to curl your hair, while the curls, according to reviews, easily turn out beautiful and neat.

The main advantages:
nice design with a crimson inset;
warming up in 15 seconds;
the possibility of curling;
the photoceramic coating on the plates reduces the loss of color by 40% and the loss of moisture by 20%;
long plates (105 mm);
2 m cord with swivel mount.

no cover included.

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